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Course Time: 30 Minutes

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Course Description

Course Time: 30 Minutes 


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Domestic violence is a complex issue, and our course aims to bring this issue out into the public to help save lives and ensure the safety of families. Not only does domestic violence impact the victims, but it also impacts their children. Child care providers need to know how to spot the signs, protect, and support the children in their care that have been exposed to domestic violence.

Did you know that domestic violence is one of the leading calls for police service across most jurisdictions? Join Dr. L.J. Samuel of Cupid’s Sting non-profit as she teaches this online training course with a mix of graphics, slides, and real-world scenarios. Participants will learn what domestic violence is, where it is occurring, and things we can do to combat it.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Identify the definition of domestic violence.

  • Describe the stages and cycle of domestic violence.

  • Identify at least two reasons that domestic violence can occur.

  • Discuss the impact of domestic violence on its victims.

  • Identify how to support children that are exposed to domestic violence.

  • Identify the steps to ending domestic violence.

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