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Course Time: 30 Minutes

How early childhood programs can partner with police & what to expect during an emergency

Course Description

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Course Time: 30 Minutes

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Law enforcement is a vital resource in our communities, and child care programs need to know how to work hand-in-hand with law enforcement officials to keep their programs safe and secure. Our working with law enforcement online training course is taught by Ronald Roszak, a law enforcement official with over twenty years of experience. 


Through a mix of slides, graphics, videos, and real-world scenarios, participants will learn how law enforcement officials can enhance your program’s safety, security, and preparedness efforts. Our working with law enforcement course will also examine the role of law enforcement during an active shooter incident, and how child care programs can help to assist law enforcement before, during, and after an active threat situation.

Learning Goals And Objectives

  • Describe the typical law enforcement response is to an active threat situation.

  • Identify at least two ways to engage law enforcement in your preparedness activities.

  • Discuss the priorities of a law enforcement official during an active shooter or active threat situation.

  • Identify at least three situations where the early engagement of law enforcement would be beneficial to child care programs.

  • Describe the type of information and documents that can assist law enforcement.

  • Discuss how your child care program can use law enforcement as a deterrent for crime and violence.

  • Identify at least three ways that you can assist law enforcement during an incident.

  • Describe the expectations that law enforcement officials have for early childhood staff during an incident or violent situation.

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