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Institute Staff Attends Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response Training

We strive to provide early childhood professionals with the best and most informative training possible. We take this responsibility very seriously - because the safety of you and the children in your care is our utmost priority. This includes ensuring we are providing you with the most comprehensive and up to date information. In September, two of our instructors - Andy and Ron (a former firefighter and a former police officer) attended the Alabama Fire College to participate in the National Fire Protection Association's Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response Training, NFPA 3000.

Course participants practice entry into a violent situation

This training, and the NFPA 3000 provisional standard were developed at the request of the first responder community after the horrific incident at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida in 2016. NFPA 3000 serves as a framework to help local communities develop programs that integrate planning, response, and recovery to active shooter and hostile incidents.

The program was developed with input from the following organizations:

● U.S. Department of Justice

● Emergency Medical Services Labor Alliance

● Federal Bureau of Investigation

● National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians

● U.S. Department of Homeland Security

● National EMS Academy

● International Association of Chiefs of Police

● International Association of EMS Chiefs

● International Association of Fire Chiefs

● American College of Emergency Physicians

● National Volunteer Fire Council

● National Association of EMS Physicians

● Fraternal Order of Police

● International Association of Emergency Managers

● International Association of Fire Fighters

The course is focused on increasing collaboration across agencies to ensure quicker and more efficient responses during these horrific incidents. The course covered the following topics:

● Risk assessment ● Facility preparedness

● Planning and coordination ● Financial readiness

● Resource management ● Financial management

● Organizational deployment ● Communications center support

● Incident Management

● Competencies for law enforcement, fire, and EMS responders

Our active shooter course has been developed specifically for the early childhood community. To date, we have provided training in 16 states, for 9 Tribal Nations and to over 14,000 early childhood professionals across the USA. We never simulate gunfire or cause any unneeded stress during our trainings - our focus is to ensure you are trained with proven techniques derived from real-world situations. Schedule your training today by contacting us at

Andy Roszak at the Alabama Fire College


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