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Winter Preparation and Safety Tips for Parents and Children

Winter is such a wonderful and special time of the year! It’s a season centered around joy and laughter, filled with families coming together to celebrate the holidays, building snowmen, going sledding, and staying warm indoors. But with freezing temperatures, winter must be approached with caution and requires proper preparation.

Snow-Storm Preparation

Planning for winter storms helps eliminate the sudden onset of fear and panic in both adults and children. There are a variety of steps to take to tackle inclement weather head on.

  • Secure an alternative heat source and a generator because winter storms can lead to power outages.

  • Properly insulate windows and pipes in your home.

  • Buy a battery-powered radio for emergency broadcasts.

  • Pack a 72-hour emergency kit. Include non-perishable food and plenty of water, ideally 1 gallon per person. Pack extra batteries, medication, snow equipment, flashlights, coats, socks, hand/foot warmers, blankets, and extra clothing layers.

  • Have a snow emergency kit in your car: a small shovel, gravel/sand, and extra floor mats. Also, include a cell phone charger.

  • Make a family emergency plan. Know how you will contact one another and how you plan to get back together. Be sure to include the entire family in making this plan to ensure all members are comfortable with it.

  • Plan your emergency driving route. Know which roads will be off-limits during a storm and choose safer roadways. Always have at least 2 routes to pick up your child.

  • During the storm: watch for signs of frostbite and hypothermia.

Preparing Children for Outdoors

Playing outside in the snow is something children look forward to the most, but safety needs to remain the utmost priority. Bundling c