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  • NEWEST IN INNOVATION & DESIGN: This solar bulb with built-in 3 piece inner solar panels, 16pcs high lumens LED beads and a 1200mAh lithium ion battery.
  • EASIER PORTABILITY & HANGING: Comes with hooked hanging lid cap, design that allows placement in any environment. Ideal for camping, hiking, outdoor trips, emergency events and power outages etc.
  • YOU WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT LIGHT: This solar bulb works like any household light bulb, when power is cut it operates as an emergency lamp and switches on automatically. Emergency lighting time up to 5 hrs.
  • CHARGING & USING TIME - Charging 9hrs in sunlight give you ≥2hrs of lighting, charging 5-6hrs by home electricity give you ≥5hrs of lighting. Once Battery is fully charged the current stops and protects your battery from overcharging.
  • Fitted with three (3) Solar Panels it will recharge in sunlight (9 hrs) and give you 2 hours of lighting.
  • This bulb works like any household light bulbs and charges at the same time. Take 5 hrs to fully charge and give you 5 hours of lighting.
  • Use the hooked lid that screws down to turn bulb on and up to turn off as one option or our second option being the simple click on/off switch button.
  • Simply install the bulb directly into any medium screw base light fixtures.


Common Applications:

  • Outdoor ( camping, hiking, patio, garden )
  • Indoor ( home, office, attic, basement, garage )
  • Emergencies ( hurricanes, ice storms, power outages)

Emergency Solar Powered Light Bulb

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