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Drafting tools for "flat" features:When working with Ortho or Auto-Trace tools, some features—such as holes, tabs, and edges—may not be shown in the viewport or on the AutoCAD wireframe, resulting in errors when you draw over them. The new Drafting tools in the Drawing toolbar let you view these "flat" features as an aid to your work.Tabs:A new type of connection, called a tab, is now available in AutoCAD. Unlike many other connection types, tabs support basic navigation, such as Z-up and out.Axes:Let the data tell you about the drawing: New dialogs provide a data-grid view that visually shows information about the drawing, and the commands are redesigned for increased readability.Snap to Drafting Features:Whether you’re dealing with a new linear feature or one that is only a few feet long, the new tools in AutoCAD 2023 let you quickly and accurately select and snap to that feature.Expanded Data Monitor:The new Data Monitor allows you to easily access and manage data in your drawing as you design. New controls let you hide and show other views, and show and hide the information in tables, lists, layers, and so on.More New Features:You can now add AutoCAD software to the list of things you need to bring to a new job. You can now bring your own AutoCAD software to use at your desk.InfoMessage:A message box, including the InfoMessage palette, is now in AutoCAD. The InfoMessage dialog box is useful for quick communications during the design process. For example, you can quickly enter comments into a drawing or send a communication to a group of people for a follow-up discussion.New Export Formatting Options:Export your drawings to the Office Open XML format (OpenXML), which allows you to take your drawings with you and work on them in other applications. You can also export to the Adobe PDF format.Cloud-based AutoCAD:You can now quickly and easily access your drawing files from anywhere using a web browser or other client.Simplified User Interface:With the new user interface in AutoC 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Mac/Win]

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