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Course Time: 30 Minutes

Real-World Prevention Techniques to Secure your Facility Long Before an Active Assailant Arrives

Course Description

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Course Time: 30 Minutes

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Why do we have to worry? It’s common for most individuals to think, “It’ll never happen to me.” But, crime happens everywhere, and to every type of individual. However, there is a difference between hard and soft targets. Do you know which category your child care program falls into?

In our site safety and security for early childhood programs online training course, we will discuss strategies and techniques to increase security at your facility. We will focus on proven interventions and highlight low-cost solutions to enhance the safety in and around your building. We will also explore common security pitfalls and discuss how to eliminate or minimize these vulnerabilities.

Course participants will learn from a mixture of slides, graphics, videos, and real-world scenarios. Your course instructor is the Institute’s Senior Safety Advisor, Ronald Roszak, who has over 20 years of law enforcement experience.

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Identify at least 3 low-cost solutions that can be implemented to increase security.

  • Define rings of security.

  • Identify security challenges that occur during pick up and drop off.

  • Discuss each ring of security and identify methods to increase security within each ring.

  • Identify at least two common security mistakes.

  • Discuss how technology can be utilized to enhance security.

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