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In partnership with Kaplan and Gryphon House Publishing, our Preparing for the Unexpected series includes three books developed specifically for early childhood professionals. The series explores all aspects of emergency preparedness, providing actionable and affordable solutions. 

Andrew Roszak’s first book, Preschool Preparedness for an Active Shooter, has received praise from child care administrators, directors, providers, teachers, parents, and early childhood organizations. It is a 2020 IAN Book of the Year Award winner in two categories, Career/Occupational and Social Issues. Andrew’s book serves to complement on-site active shooter preparedness training. As a thank you for enrolling in our on-site training courses, we are pleased to provide a signed copy of Andy’s book to your program director. If you are interested in providing the book to your entire staff, please inquire on our Schedule a Training Form.

Preview the first book in the series:
Preschool Preparedness for an Active Shooter



"Andrew Roszak’s timely book provides a thorough look at planning for the unthinkable – an active shooter situation in an early childhood program. This book builds upon your facility’s current emergency plans by providing clear examples of specific actions which will increase the safety of your staff and children during an active shooter incident. It is must reading for childcare providers, parents and anyone interested in preparing for the unthinkable.”

Betsy T. Kagey, PhD

“Preschool Preparedness for an Emergency is an invaluable resource for early childhood programs. Andrew Roszak provides a history of disasters and their impact on early childhood programs to shed light on the timeliness of this topic. Emergency preparedness is not a solitary conversation or plan, but an ongoing awareness of potential crises and a continual updating of procedures to follow if disaster does strike. Roszak clearly explains a step by step process of assessing community risk, learning local regulations/requirements, and putting a viable plan together to ensure your early childhood program is well prepared for any unexpected event that may come your way. This book will serve as an excellent guide for any learning facilities to perfect their emergency preparedness preparation and response.”

Jaclyn Powers, Professional Development Specialist, Child Care Aware of Virginia


Are you prepared for an emergency or natural disaster?

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