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New Course Resource Available for Purchase!

Thousands of home visits are performed every year by Head Start and Early Head Start programs, teachers, family therapists, Child Protective Services, and many other government and licensing organizations. Most agencies enter the privacy of a family’s residence without any type of training on how to conduct a safe visit. The Institute for Childhood Preparedness has developed a course which addresses specific concepts that every family and childcare professional need to know to make visits as safe as possible. This course will cover basic concepts for pre-planning the visit, arriving safely, conducting the visit, departing the area, and after the visit activities, including checklists for staying safe.

This course teaches the warning signs of domestic abuse, drug/alcohol abuse, and aggressive behavior. The attendees will learn techniques to keep everyone safe during a home visit.

Resource Booklets available for separate purchase - the booklets include references, checklists, talking points, reminders, tips and resources.

Social Stories English and Spanish

Social Stories

We teamed up with Autism Little Learners to create a series of social stories to help children prepare for safety and emergency preparedness drills: Fire Drills, Active Shooter Preparedness Drills (Bees to a Beehive), and Tornado Drills, Hurricanes, and Wildfires.

Tommy The Turtle Earthquake Drill Story-1.jpg
tornado-drill social story
active shooter drill social story
hurricane social story
wild fire evacuation story
fire drill social story


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