The Institute for Childhood Preparedness fosters relationships with value-driven companies, brands, and communities. Our partnerships, collaborations, and sponsorships aim to engage teachers, child care professionals, Head Start leaders, parents, staff, and students in meaningful learning experiences.

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Sesame Street in Communities

Florida Association for the Education of Young Children (FLAEYC)

National Environmental Health Association



We have collaborated with Kids and Cars to create an informational flyer on heatstroke featured in newspapers around the country and a free online course.


Click on the images to see the online course or download the flyer.

Heatstroke Awareness Flyer-01.png

We collaborated with Autism Little Learners to create a free online course and a series of social stories to help children prepare for safety and emergency preparedness drills: Fire Drills, Active Shooter Preparedness Drills (Bees to a Beehive), and Tornado Drills.


Click on the images to see the online course or download the social stories.

Free Online Course Thumbnails (5).png

We have collaborated with Cupid's Sting to develop an online course on Domestic Violence Issues and Awareness as a part of our Coronavirus Training Bundle.

Click on the image to see the online course.



Events we have supported

COVID-19 Charting the Course for Childcare

Aug. 2020

Child and Family Resources Shine Awards

Oct. 2019

National Head Start Conference

Apr. 2019

Florida Head Start Association Conference

March 2020

Safety for All: A Blueprint for Schools and Outside Agencies Working Together

Oct. 2019

Region II Head Start Association Conference

Nov. 2019

Wisconsin Head Start Association Conference

Feb. 2020

QRIS Build Conference

June 2019

National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) Conference

July 2018

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