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Arizona Early Childhood Programs Prepare for Emergencies and Disasters

In the realm of early childhood education, safety is a non-negotiable priority that resonates deeply with both parents and educators. Arizona's early childhood programs have recently taken commendable steps towards enhancing their preparedness for emergencies, thanks to the guidance of a trusted authority in the field.

Over the past several months, the Institute for Childhood Preparedness - in partnership with the Arizona Head Start Association - have orchestrated a series of training sessions that have equipped Head Start and early childhood programs with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure the safety of their staff and the children they nurture.

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness: A Beacon of Expertise

At the forefront of these transformative training sessions stands the Institute for Childhood Preparedness. Recognized as the definitive experts in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery for early childhood programs, the Institute brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the table. With a legacy of training over 150,000 early childhood professionals across the United States, their impact on safety measures in the field is both profound and far-reaching.

A Comprehensive Approach to Safety Preparedness

The training sessions led by the Institute have been a comprehensive journey into safety preparedness that has left no stone unturned. Early childhood programs in Arizona have benefited from a multifaceted curriculum that encompasses various crucial aspects of safety:

1. Site Safety Assessments: Foundational to Security

Safety begins with awareness, and site safety assessments lay the foundation for secure environments. The Institute's training empowers early childhood programs to meticulously identify potential hazards within their facilities and address them effectively. By fostering a culture of proactive hazard mitigation, these programs prioritize the well-being of both staff and children.

2. Active Shooter Training: Empowering Swift Responses

Acknowledging the sobering reality of modern times, active shooter training has become an integral part of the Institute's offerings. By providing early childhood professionals with the tools to respond decisively in emergencies, the Institute is contributing to a safer learning environment. The emphasis is not just on preparedness, but also on empowering staff with the confidence to act when it matters most.

3. Home Visit Safety Courses: Extending Safety Beyond the Classroom

The Institute's training transcends classroom walls and extends to home visits. Early childhood professionals are educated on the nuances of maintaining their safety while navigating external environments. This proactive approach ensures that safety is a constant companion, whether within the program's premises or outside of it.

4. Updated Emergency Plans: A Testament to Adaptability

Safety plans are not static documents; they evolve in response to changing threats. The Institute recognizes this and encourages programs to regularly update their emergency plans. By staying attuned to evolving risks and fine-tuning their responses, early childhood programs are showcasing their commitment to safeguarding their communities.

Institute for Childhood Preparedness Staff - Andy Roszak and Ruth Kvistad

enjoying an early morning ride in Arizona.

Inspiring Others to Prioritize Safety

The dedication of Arizona's early childhood programs is beyond commendable. It's a call to action for all early childhood programs to elevate their safety measures and create an environment where children can thrive without compromising security.

As we commend these programs for their exceptional commitment, we invite educators and stakeholders alike to explore the resources offered by the Institute for Childhood Preparedness. The Institute's extensive knowledge and experience can empower more programs to adopt a safety-first approach, ultimately contributing to a safer and more secure learning environment for our youngest learners.

For more information about the Institute and their impactful work, and to book your training - please visit


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