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Behavioral and Mental Health Issues Related to COVID-19 Coronavirus

These past months have brought tremendous change and challenges to us all. Our daily routines have drastically changed, causing increased stress and anxiety. Unlike other disasters, we do not yet know when life will return to normal. This makes coping with the coronavirus pandemic even more difficult.

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The coronavirus pandemic has also compounded issues faced by those previously struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, financial hardship, unhealthy relationships, substance abuse, or even childhood trauma. It is completely understandable that life can feel unbearable right now.

In all of this, it is important to know that you are not alone. We will pull through these difficult times together. For now, it is important to focus on the things we can control and be sure we are setting aside time for ourselves and our mental health, each day.

Scroll Through Coloring Book Images.

We have developed a coloring book, which we are calling ‘Coping Through Coloring’. Coloring has been shown to reduce stress and lower anxiety. We hope you will download our free coloring book and have some fun with it. As a bonus, and to help give back, we are conducting a coloring contest - so let us see your best work! The coloring contest runs through the end of June 2020. You can download your coloring book on the Coloring Book Page: Click Here!

Tips For Staying Mentally Healthy During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Staying physically and mentally strong while working from home can be challenging. We would like to share some tips to help you stay mentally well during this pandemic. Integrating walks into your day builds long-term physical and mental health wellness. We also suggest:

Staying Connected: Use face-to-face technology creatively. Technology allows us to see and hear our colleagues, friends, and families, even when we are forced into separate spaces. Take the opportunity to be together virtually through