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Early Childhood Chats

The Institute is pleased to announce the launch of our new #podcast, Early Childhood Chats, hosted by our executive director Andrew Roszak - JD, MPA, EMT-P. Early Childhood Chats, is a podcast dedicated to all things related to early childhood education. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of early childhood development, parenting tips, teaching strategies, and the latest research in the field. Each episode is designed to bring you insightful discussions, practical advice, and inspiring stories aimed at supporting parents, caregivers, and educators in nurturing the young minds of tomorrow.

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You can watch our most recent episode here where we sat down Zac Garsik the Vice President of Operations at Fusion Networks to talk about IT Basics in Early Childhood settings and how you can increase your programs #datasecurity. Please click subscribe and follow to get more content like this.


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