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Institute for Childhood Preparedness Wraps Up Another Successful Event

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness was chosen as the primary contractor by the New York Head Start Association to plan and facilitate its 2023 Annual Conference, held in White Plains, New York earlier this month. We are pleased to report that this event was a huge success.

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness worked with New York Head Start Association to organize the event from start to finish. This meant that the Institute strategized and facilitated logistics for speakers and vendors. Along with this, we coordinated communication with speakers, vendors, and attendees. The Institute was in charge of planning and facilitating ticketing and registration. We also provided a conference app that attendees could use to keep track of sessions, check in to the conference, and view the conference schedule. Through the app, we also implemented a "treasure hunt" with prizes to keep attendees engaged throughout the conference and increase participation.

The conference was very educational and engaging, with over 250 attendees and 38 speakers over a two-day period, including U.S. Representative Mike Lawler (NY). The conference featured a diverse set of workshops to increase the skills and education of early childhood education providers throughout the state of New York. We thank all of the esteemed early childhood professionals who participated in this event and to New York Head Start Association for trusting us to organize this wonderful conference.

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