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Senator Moran Recognizes ECKAN Head Start and Institute for Childhood Preparedness

KANSAS - In Early August 2023, the Institute for Childhood Preparedness partnered with the East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corporation's Head Start programs to conduct a series of safety and security trainings and assessments. The training held special importance, as days earlier significant and strong storms had swept through the area, leaving many without power.

In a poignant display of dedication to preparedness and safety, the show went on! The training gained notable recognition from Senator Jerry Moran. The proximity of the training to these natural disasters served as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of emergencies and the imperative of preparedness.

We are greatly appreciative to ECKAN for the opportunity to work with their wonderful staff - and to Senator Moran for his recognition and support.

To schedule your own training, connect with the Institute for Childhood Preparedness today at


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