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Meet Ruth Kvistad, Legal/Policy Intern

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness welcomes Ruth Kvistad as its newest legal/policy intern. An MD/JD student at Southern Illinois University, Ruth holds a deep passion for issues that sit at the intersection of law and medicine, such as public health and the safety of our nation’s children.

Ruth brings a diverse range of experiences and a unique skill set to the Institute. With a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Ruth's academic foundation reflects her inherent curiosity and analytical thinking. During her undergraduate tenure, she also worked in a biochemistry lab doing cancer research and has teaching experience both in the classroom as a supplemental instructor to multiple Biology courses as well as outside of the classroom as a horseback riding instructor.

Feeling a moral obligation to pitch in during the pandemic, Ruth began work as an EMT and continued to serve the public through her work on the ambulance. Her passion for making a tangible difference in the world is what led her to pursue medicine and law simultaneously.

Ruth's decision to embark on the MD/JD program was driven by her desire to address the complex legal and ethical issues surrounding healthcare. By merging the fields of medicine and law, Ruth aims to become a transformative advocate for members of the public, ensuring their rights and well-being are protected.

Now, as Ruth embarks on this new chapter, she brings her diverse experiences and expertise to the Institute for Childhood Preparedness. As a legal intern, Ruth will leverage her knowledge in health, law, and philosophy to support the institute's initiatives in safeguarding the well-being and safety of children.


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