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The results are in! Download the 2021/22 Childcare Benchmark Report.

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

We are pleased to have contributed to the Childcare Benchmark Report. Download the report and find out in the 2021-2022 North American Childcare Sector Benchmark Report, brought to you by HiMama! This year marks our 6th and biggest installment yet. With more insights than ever before and another unprecedented year due to COVID-19, getting answers to the biggest questions that childcare owners and directors have has never been more important. In this report, you’ll find valuable insights including:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the childcare sector?

  • What are others charging for tuition?

  • How much income are other centers making?

  • What are the average occupancy rates?

  • How do others motivate and retain their staff?

  • And much more!

You are invited to join us on Thursday, May 12th, at 2 PM ET as Institute founder Andy Roszak will join staff from HiMama and Cindy Lehnhoff from the National Childcare Association and share insights on the childcare industry in 2022! Have you always wondered...

how your salary compares to others in a similar role?

how COVID-19 impacted revenue and enrollment?

how others are recovering and moving forward?

This is the webinar where you get all these answers, and more!


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Jun 29, 2022

We are grateful for our involvement in the Childcare Benchmark Report. Download the North American Childcare Sector Benchmark Report for 2021–2022 to learn more about HiMama! Our sixth and largest installment to date is this year. Having more information than ever before and experiencing another historic year thanks to COVID-19 flagle


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Jun 17, 2022

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