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Coronavirus Considerations with Dr. Brent Kaziny

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

We are excited to announce that we have added a new free online training course to our Protecting Children series. Coronavirus Considerations with Dr. Brent Kaziny builds upon our 7-course COVID-19 coronavirus online training series. The course features an interview with an award-winning pediatric doctor. It provides the latest known information about the coronavirus pandemic and what it means for parents, children, and child care professionals.

Meet Dr. Brent Kaziny From Texas Children’s Hospital

Dr. Brent D. Kaziny completed his medical degree at the University of Texas – Houston, School of Medicine. He started his pediatric intern year at Tulane University, where he received the Hurricane Katrina Code Grey Hero Award for his efforts caring for patients and assisting with the evacuation of Tulane Hospital during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His experience during Hurricane Katrina ignited his interest in pediatric disaster preparedness. After completing his intern year, he transferred to Baylor College of Medicine, where he completed his residency training in general pediatrics. He completed his fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Upon completing the fellowship, Dr. Kaziny took a position as an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital. He has served as a subject matter expert on the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services curriculum development team for FEMA’s Pediatric Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness Course. He continues to serve as the medical director for this course, teaching it across the country. On a national level, he serves as the Co-Director of the Disaster Domain for the Emergency Medical Services for Children – Innovations and Improvement Center. At Texas Children’s Hospital, he works in the Emergency Center, is Director of All-Hazards Preparedness and Response for the Section of Emergency Medicine, and serves as the Medical Director of Emergency Management and Co-Chair of the Emergency Management Committee. He was actively involved in Texas Children’s Hospital’s response to Hurricane Harvey and continues to be involved in ongoing efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Dr. Kaziny. He is incredibly knowledgeable about pediatrics and children’s care. We know that this online course will help parents, child care providers, and caregivers better understand the background of COVID-19 and provide actionable steps to keep children, families, and staff safe.

What You Will Learn in our New Online Training Course

Coronavirus Considerations with Dr. Brent Kaziny:

  • How Coronavirus impacts children

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Discussion of health screenings

  • How the fall/winter flu season may impact Coronavirus and how we should handle children that present at health screenings with fever/signs of illness

  • What is an incubation period, and how does that impact testing for Coronavirus?

  • Considerations if you have a suspect coronavirus case in your program

  • Mitigating risk in the time of Coronavirus

  • Tips for engaging parents as you reopen and continue operations at your child-serving program

  • From a parent perspective, things you can do to engage and reassure parents

Enroll in Coronavirus Considerations with Dr. Brent Kaziny for FREE today: Click Here!

Thank you so much to Dr. Brent Kaziny for collaborating with the Institute on these life-saving issues. The Institute for Childhood Preparedness teaches emergency preparedness, response, and recovery techniques during our new hybrid training program, online training courses followed by in-person practical training applications. Schedule hybrid training today.

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