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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely During COVID-19

Thanksgiving is going to look a little different this year for many families. According to CBS News, “health experts have warned that gatherings for the upcoming holidays could worsen the surge in COVID-19 cases.” While it may be difficult to stay apart from family this Thanksgiving, everyone must understand the risks associated with getting together.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving At A Distance Will Help Decrease The COVID-19 Surge

We know that parents and caregivers are exhausted from the new normal and that tiredness can lead to letting your guard down. Still, it’s essential to follow these safety tips to ensure a safe, healthy, and secure Thanksgiving. The CDC has put out guidance for families to follow for keeping Thanksgiving safe:

  • Shop for food in advance: If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, do not wait until the last minute to head to the supermarket. Avoid crowds by ordering food by a delivery service or by heading to the grocery store well in advance.

  • Avoid traveling: Traveling carries the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. If you have to travel, make it a short driving trip that only includes members of your immediate family. Fill up your gas tank before you go, pack food, drinks, masks, and plenty of hand sanitizer, and avoid using public restrooms and eateries, if possible.

  • Host a virtual Thanksgiving dinner: While it isn’t the same as in-person festivities, celebrating virtually is the safest way to avoid catching and spreading COVID-19.

  • Don’t forget about isolated loved ones: If a member of your family or community is high-risk and will be celebrating Thanksgiving alone this year, prepare a meal for her beforehand and safely deliver the food package at the recipient’s doorstep.

  • Spend extra time with your family: The best way to celebrate Thanksgiv