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Meet Luis Beniquez, Disaster Project Coordinator in Puerto Rico

We’re thrilled to welcome the newest member of our team, Luis Beniquez. Mr. Beniquez graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus in 2012. He holds a Masters degree in Environmental Health.

Luis and Diego

For five years, Luis worked in Puerto Rico’s Department of Health (PRDOH). He served as an Environmental Specialist, and a Biology professor at Interamerican University. That all changed in 2017. Luis, along with countless others, became victims of the treacherous Hurricane season. It was, to say the least, a life changing experience.

Luis became determined to help Puerto Rico recover. He started working as an independent contractor to help support efforts at the PRDOH. He aided in the development of proposals for CDC supplemental funds. Three of Beniquez’ projects received major awards with the Environmental Health team.

On a personal level, this work is very important to Luis. He is the father of a 10-month-old son, Diego and sees every day the importance of ensuring children have safe and healthy environments to learn, play and grow.

Luis jumped at the opportunity to work for the Institute of Childhood Preparedness, where he serves as the Disaster Project Coordinator for our Puerto Rico portfolio. Through his position he will be engaging with numerous early childhood professionals and programs, as well as public health, environmental health and licensing officials. We welcome Luis to the team!!