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Press Release: The Institute for Childhood Preparedness Will Not Endorse Bulletproof Backpacks

For Immediate Release

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness

Media Contact: Andrew Roszak (202)-746-1179

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness Will Not Endorse Bulletproof Backpacks. Focus Should be on People, Not Products.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 – As experts in early childhood, we are routinely asked to endorse products that would provide aid in an active shooter situation. One of the items we have repeatedly been asked to endorse is a bulletproof backpack. We have not and will not endorse these backpacks.

First, they offer a false sense of security. Our instructors have trained over 14,000 early childhood professionals throughout the United States in active shooter preparedness and response. Our training focuses on critical thinking and learning how to take action during a stressful situation. Active shooter events occur in all types of environments, so we don’t want to be reliant on one particular product.

Second, these backpacks have been proven ineffective.* Testing has shown that these so-called ‘bulletproof’ backpacks do not protect against the higher velocity ammunition that is commonly used in mass shootings.

Third, given the rapid and fluid nature of these incidents, it is unknown if the backpack would even be accessible during an emergency event. Instead of searching for a particular item, history has shown that valuable response time would be much better spent using proven techniques – and implementing your emergency plan and procedures.

We know that the best investment you can make is in yourself and your staff. Providing staff with the training, knowledge, and practice they need to prevent and respond to these situations is better than a one-time purchase of a product, especially one that does not work. We encourage you to invest in people, not products.

Our focus is on equipping early childhood professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to keep children safe. We understand that this topic is scary enough, and we do not add any unnecessary stressors – such as real/simulated gunfire in our training. We want you trained, not traumatized. Take time to think about your emergency preparedness plans and protocols. If you would like a helping hand, please feel free to contact us. Our active shooter training, emergency preparedness, response and recovery courses, and fire extinguisher offerings can help ensure your team is empowered with the skills they need for these chaotic situations.

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness provides active shooter preparedness workshops in a calm, safe environment.

About The Institute For Childhood Preparedness: Andrew Roszak is the Executive Director of The Institute For Childhood Preparedness. He founded the Institute to empower early childhood professionals with resiliency and preparation. Andrew has over twenty years of emergency preparedness, response and recovery experience. Andrew and the staff at the Institute for Childhood Preparedness work every day to help better prepare early childhood professionals for disasters and emergencies. You can follow the Institute on Twitter @ChildPrepared, Facebook -- and Instagram @childhoodpreparedness.


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