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Press Release: The Institute for Childhood Preparedness is Launching New Online Training Courses

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness is Launching

New Online Training Courses for Early Childhood Professionals

Coming Soon: 30-Minute Active Shooter Preparedness Introduction Training

Washington, DC. February 3, 2020– The Institute for Childhood Preparedness is excited to announce the launch of our new online training courses! The first course is a 30-minute introduction course that focuses on the basics of active shooter preparedness and response. Just like our in-person training, our online training courses are specifically designed for early childhood professionals and those caring for infants, toddlers, and children.

Our on-demand online offerings will enable early childhood professionals to learn at their pace and on their time. We will offer a series of online education modules with in-depth information and resources about situational awareness, working with law enforcement officials, emergency communications, site security, response options, emergency drills, crafting a preparedness plan, and more.

“We understand that early childhood professionals are busy people with demanding schedules. Our online training courses are designed to provide maximum flexibility by allowing individuals to learn evidence-based lessons at their convenience,” says Andrew Roszak, a recognized preparedness expert and Executive Director of the Institute for Childhood Preparedness.

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness will be rolling out new learning options, including online-only packages and packages that include both on-site and online training. Our goal is to ensure early childhood professionals have access to world-class training, technical assistance, and resources at affordable pricing.

Event Details

  • What: 30-minute Introduction Online Active Shooter Preparedness Training For Early Childhood Professionals

  • When: COMING SOON!

  • What To Expect:

  • On-demand learning.

  • Learn at your pace training modules.

  • Courses available at your convenience: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • The opportunity for continued learning and education with multiple training courses.

About The Institute for Childhood Preparedness:

Andrew Roszak is the Executive Director of The Institute for Childhood Preparedness. He founded the Institute to empower early childhood professionals with resiliency and preparation. Andrew’s work has been recognized by FEMA, and he has been awarded as a Sesame Street Hero. You can follow the Institute on Twitter @ChildPrepared, Facebook -- and Instagram @childhoodpreparedness.


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