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Protecting Children: Signs That Save

The Institute for Childhood Preparedness has partnered with Signs That Save to help educate parents, early childhood professionals, caregivers, and the general public about protecting children and preventing unnecessary tragedies from occurring. Participants will learn about the importance of visual cues and the science behind how they influence behavior and work to prevent childhood injury and death. We will also explore the importance of visual cues and how young children use them to perceive, learn, and form routines.

Meet Kimberly Beaman Rios From Signs That Save

I enjoyed speaking with Kimberly Beaman Rios and her husband, Art, to learn more about Signs That Save and what drove them to start their company. Kimberly said, "In July of 2020, we launched our company and began collaborating with professionals to provide the most relevant and up to date resources and prevention on key safety topics." Kimberly and Art's mission is to protect children by advocating for their emotional and physical safety through education and the use of strong visual cues.

Kimberly shared that, “Due to unprecedented times, we have observed the need for more layers of prevention, and we decided to focus primarily on home safety. More families are at home navigating life, with increasing demand with work and home responsibilities. We also feel there is a strong need for increased vigilance at schools in terms of safety.” At Signs That Save, Kimberly and her husband Art focus on the heart of the matter. It’s their objective to support parents just as much as they share in their visual signs. As part of Kim's work, she has spoken on several podcasts, most recently as a guest on the Child Safety Source podcast. She also supports and is involved with many advocacies and mental health-focused groups.

Free On-Demand Training Course Now Available For Early Childhood Professionals, Parents, Caregivers, and The General Public

We’re excited to share our sixth free on-demand training course from our new Protecting Children Series. Protecting Children: Signs That Save is now available for FREE. Course participants will learn:

  • The importance of visual cues,

  • Perceiving the world through visual lenses,

  • The importance of habits and routine,

  • Creating a safe and preventative experience for children,

  • Identifying the importance of visual cues for children with Autism and learning disabilities,