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The Latest School Shooting Incident: Sixth Grade Student Subdued by Teacher After Shooting 3.

Gun violence from mass shootings continues to climb. There have been 213 events with at least 4 people shot during the first four months of 2021. We have already seen 7 school shootings this year despite still having a very large number of schools not even being open!

A recent school event occurred at Rigby Middle School in Rigby, Idaho where 3 people were shot and wounded. There are a few unique aspects of this event that are worth exploring, including that the shooter was a female sixth-grade student.

We teach in our Active Shooter Preparedness classes that there is no exact profile of those perpetrating these events. The age and gender of the offender in this shooting are classic examples that anyone can carry out these deadly encounters.

This event ended with only 3 people shot due the heroic act of an eighth-grade math teacher named Krista Gneiting. Krista was not armed but took action to save numerous lives. According to her father in a Fox News interview, Krista immediately evacuated her students after hearing gunshots down the hallway. Krista then saw one of the wounded students and attempted to pick him up and bring him to safety.

While in the act of aiding the student, she saw the female shooter standing across the hallway with the gun. Krista turned her attention toward the shooter and began slowly and calmly walking toward her. She spoke calmly with the young girl assuring her that things would be ok and trying to settle her down. Krista was able to get close and put her hand on the girl’s arm. She then just let her hand slide down her arm until it got to the gun.

The girl let go of the gun and Krista already had her other arm around the girl in a hugging motion. The shooting had ended without further injury or death to anyone, because of Krista’s calm heroic action. These techniques are all discussed and taught in our Active Shooter Response course as well as in our two new De-Escalation Techniques and Situational Awareness courses.

As events like these continue to occur across the United States, it is important that you and your staff are prepared - we can help! Schedule your classes today with the Institute for Childhood Preparedness.

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