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Week In Review: We Hit the Road and Visited West Virginia and California

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The week of January 21st-27th was phenomenal for The Institute For Childhood Preparedness. We brought our active shooter preparedness training program to California and West Virginia.

Our Goal Is To Prepare Early Childhood Professionals For An Active Shooter Event

Our amazing team of award-winning first responders trained nearly 400 early childcare professionals and met many new friends along the way! We had a great time teaching early childhood professionals the skills needed to prepare for and respond to an active shooter situation.

Thanks to the partnership with Child Care Resource Center in Los Angeles, we were able to provide six active shooter classes all around the L.A. area!

We visited Charleston, WV, for the first time. With the help of Connect Child Care Resource & Referral Group. Our classes filled up and even had a long waitlist – we hope to be back soon to ensure all providers receive this important training! As a bonus – we were also visited by the local CBS affiliate channel 13 WOWK News!

Our trainings are unique. We cater specifically to childcare providers who work with young children. We know that parents are asking providers, “What’s your plan for an active shooter event?” Our goal is to better prepare early childhood professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to rise to this challenge through our training and hands-on exercises.

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